Music FAQs

Can I add a rap to the song?

  •  Yes! Brownell has written lyrics for a “rap” to add into the song. Stay tuned to read the lyrics.


What if I want to add my own rap – or lyrics?

  •  It’s possible, but you need to contact Brownell to discuss before you start. 


Can I change the music? Maybe write my own “ending credits” song or use another song?

  •  We want you to use the song provided.
  •  You cannot use another artist’s song because of rights and protections (and expense!) 
  •  However, if you want to write another song to be used in conjunction with the promotion of this film, we’re open. Contact us to discuss. 


Can I get a famous artist to record this song for our movie?

  •  Sounds like a great idea! Just make sure you contact us so you follow all the legalities properly. And remember, you can’t spend any money making the film, so either the artist(s) will agree to contribute  their performance as a donation to the charity we’ll be working with or you will have to raise the money to pay them.