The song featured in the film, also written by Brownell Landrum, is called “Who Could it Be?” A VERY rough version of the song is in the video below:

And here are the lyrics:

What Can I Do?

© 2017 Words and Music by Brownell Landrum

Who could it be
What can I do
Who would understand
All that I’ve been through

You’re out there somewhere
I know in my heart
We’re separated
Playing a part

Screaming in silence
And not being heard
Hero or villain
Lines getting blurred

Who could it be
What can I do
What can we prevent
If we only knew

Painting a portrait
Of good versus bad
Not understanding
We all can get sad

You’re my salvation
I hope I am yours
Each are afflicted
Each can be cures

Who could it be
What can I do
I can make a difference
You can, too